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August Update

There has been lots happening at Toulvaddie over the past couple of months. Lots of non exciting paperwork that needed to be completed before we get to the very exciting part - creating whisky!

The newsletters will come out monthly from now on to keep you up to date with all that's going on. We will also be releasing a video soon which will be available here first.

We have been doing some trials with various yeasts and deciding on what works best on site. Finding the optimum yeast or yeasts which will work in the time frame we are looking to achieve. These are small scale currently, then we will then scale up for full fermentation trails once the parameters are narrowed down.

Getting the layout of the distillery right the first time is crucial. We have been working through all the different options and deciding on what works best in the space that we have. Although the stills are small in comparison to non micro distilleries, they will still take up 36m square of floor space. The mash tun and fermentation tanks will all be housed in the same area so clever and creative tank location will help ensure a productive work space to keep the spirit flowing.

Lets be friends!Becoming a friend will not only help the distillery through the early years as the whisky matures,you will receive a branded stave keyring and stave glass tray. Each purchase will also enter you into the free draw, a chance to own a little bit of scotch history - Bottle No. 1

The draw will be made and broadcast live on social media on the day of here.

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