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Toulvaddie Distillery Year 1 Cask filled with approx 70 litres of new make and stored onsite in the warehouse underbond for 3 years and 1 day.

Toulvaddie Distillery Year 1 Cask Members Offer

£2,000.00 Regular Price
£1,800.00Sale Price
  • Cask Owners Terms and Conditions

    1. The completed order form and these Terms and Conditions comprise the contract of sale for a Year 1 Cask (“Cask”) between Toulvaddie Distillery Ltd ( also referred to as “we, our or us”) and our Customer (also referred to as “you or your”).

    2. Cask Availability – Toulvaddie Distillery is a true micro-distillery and as such only has a small number of casks which are available for individual purchase. These are on a first come first served basis. Check on or contact the team on +44 (0) 1806808138 or email for further details

    3. Cask Sizes - Our casks are all approximately 70 litres with a broad range of type. 100 litre and larger casks may be available by special request.

    4. Cask Content - The Cask to be filled with New Make Spirit produced at Toulvaddie Distillery at a filling strength appropriate for the cask type. This will vary between 58% and 63.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).

    5. The Cask - The price does not includes the cost of the actual wooden Cask which shall remain the property of the Distillery.

    6. Payment – is due upon ordering. This payment will include your spirit, warehousing, insurance and all other detailed services for a 3 year period. It further includes the costs of repair to any Cask which is leaking and the replacement of any Spirit lost as a result of that leakage, but does not include spirit loss due to natural evaporation.

    7. Storage - Storage and insurance for the first three (3) years are included in the initial purchase price. Further storage and insurance can be purchased in two year blocks at a cost of £100. It should be noted that the small size of our casks produces a more rapid maturation. All casks will be stored under bond at Toulvaddie distillery with regular inspections of the Cask for signs of leakage.

    8. Angels’ Share - During maturation alcohol evaporates from the cask at an average annual rate of 2%, apart from the first year where the normal loss is closer to 5%. Losses in excess of these rates may occur..

    9. Cask will be filled once completion of the build of the distillery has taken place and production has begun.

    10. With each cask purchase we will provide a cask ownership certificate, a video of your cask being filled and stenciled with the owners name.

    11. Ownership - This offer is aimed at individuals, or small groups, who want to create their own unique expression, to enjoy days out visiting Toulavaddie Distillery and their cask and